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The White Star Diner story.

The White Star Diner prides itself on being a Canadian Diner.   We offer delicious, well seasoned food served in a friendly,  bright diner setting.  We are a small, family run business with a few great employees.  In keeping with the small business philosophy we shop locally and hand pick all our produce.  We also stock only Canadian wines and locally brewed beers.  We encourage everyone to always buy local, buy Canadian and most of all buy small business.

White Star started as a small take out location on Albert street in the exchange.  We had a total of 4 seats.  After 8 successful years at that location we decided it was time to expand and decided to move to our current location on Kennedy street.  We love working and doing business downtown.  We believe in Downtown Winnipeg and are proud to be part of it.

Owner Bruce runs the place with his niece Hannah.  Bruce had a love of the classic ocean liners of the early to mid 20th century and decided to name the restaurant White Star Diner.  It is an ode to the Titanic, which sailed for White Star Line.  Come to the restaurant see some pictures of my favourite ocean liners of that era.  There are books to read about Titanic and a beautiful plank on plank model of the RMS Queen Elizabeth at the front, which is Bruce’s favourite ocean liner.  (a bit of trivia you could probably live without)

We would love to have you come down and enjoy our little spot.  We hope the pride and love we have for our restaurant shows in the quality of the food we serve.

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